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Every forest is here, even from before the Ice, and until the next Ice, which a few women have seen by looking into the fire which melts copper. All the woods from every age, here...

Firmly opposed to sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, capitalism, and nazis in their various guises.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Silenced servers

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
1929.com boring, faintly creepy
abdl.link creepy fetish community
antisocial.darkgeek.com tech bros
banana.dog sketchy
beeping.town uninteresting bots
bikeshed.party boring shitposting
bitcoinhackers.org tech bros, bitcoin
blob.cat boring, channers
botsin.space uninteresting bots
communick.com bitcoin
comrades.abortu.com boring
culturewar.site boomers
cybre.club pleroma bores
dads.cool boring
dirtytrans.club nb-phobia
dobbs.town unfunny boomers
evln.xyz boring
fedi.cc bitcoin
fedi.valkyrie.world channer
fedi.z0ne.moe channers
floss.social tech bros
fosstodon.org tech bros
freedom.horse unfunny shitposters
freeradical.zone infosec bores
freespeech.firedragonstudios.com boring
gameliberty.club channers
gamestop.store unfunny
goneaway.social boomers
goodchristian.website channers
gulp.cafe not my thing
hello.2heng.xin bots, twitter repeaters
hostux.social just kind of generally tiring
hub.spaz.org boring tech bros
indieweb.social unmoderated
infosec.exchange tech bros, infosec bores
iscute.moe channers
is.nota.live boring shitposters
kafuka.me boring
kinky.business Boring porn obsessives
kinkyelephant.com creepy fetish community
kitsune.cafe unmoderated
kitty.town noisy and exhausting
koyu.space miscellaneously sketchy
lain.com channers
letsalllovela.in channers
liberal.city boomers
liberdon.com libertarians
librem.one tech bro, entrepreneur
ligma.pro boring
lsngl.us tech bro, vaguely creepy
mamot.fr French boomers who don't use CWs
mastodon.cloud unmoderated
mastodon.davewinter.info infosec bore
mastodon.etalab.gouv.fr boring
mastodon.thedecentralists.com techbros, boring
mastodon.thepacket.exchange techbros
mastodon.top boring, twitter reposters
m.gretaoto.ca boomers
miniwa.moe channers
mirrored.social no original content
ms-olive.club channers
mstdn.foxfam.club fash
mstdn.io lax moderation, lots of boring cis guys
mstdn.rocks boomer, inadequate CWs
newsbots.eu boring
nojack.easydns.ca bad moderation
patch.cx channers
phreedom.tk unfunny shitposters
pixelfed.social boring
pleroma.cloud tech bro
pleroma.gnusocial.club boring
pleroma.hidamari.blue channers
pleroma.wolfie.pw boring
pl.ohno.host too-prolific markov bot
pokemon.men bots
rage.lol boring
rcsocial.net christians
resistance.social inadequate CWs
rigcz.club techbros
rubber.social boring
shigusegubu.club channers
shitposter.club channers
shpposter.club channers
sinblr.com creepy porn obsessives
sneak.berlin tech bro, entrepreneur
soc.flyingcube.tech boring
social.beachcom.org techbro, bots
social.beepboop.ga uninteresting bots
social.bobcall.me tech bro
social.drastical.tech Channers
social.dtluna.net channers
social.franssen.xyz twitter repeaters, military
social.illegalpornography.com boring
social.inditoot.com channers
social.lorenzoancora.info bitcoin, reply guy
social.mark.atwood.name boomer
social.privacytools.io tech bros
social.quodverum.com Boomers
social.sakamoto.gq channers
social.targaryen.house wow, they still exist?
social.taurix.net tech bros, entrepreneurs
social.theliturgists.com Christians
soykaf.org bitcoin
spacekittens.ru pleroma bores
subcon.pub channers
supermotomagazine.com Spam
swingset.social boring
switter.at Lovely people but their ads keep leaking onto my public timeline.
take.iteasy.club channers
theres.life christians
toot.thoughtworks.com tech bros
toot.zone unfunny boomers
totallylegit.site infosec bores
troet.cafe boomers
trollian.space incomprehensible homestuck RP
uwu.social boring edgelords
vanderwarker.social misogyny
weeaboo.space channers
woof.group Seem nice, but not my thing
www.didiermary.fr bitcoin
x0f.org tech bros, bitcoin
xxxtumblr.org faintly creepy
yeet.social boring

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
101010.pl freeze peach
10minutepleroma.com griefers
4qq.org kiwifarms
7td.org transphobic harassment
animalliberation.social terf, gab adjacent
ap.sevvie.ltd racist libertarian
atomicblon.de boomer
baraag.net loli
beehub.org channers
birdsite.link no original content
boseburo.ddns.net racist
botrys.masto.host fash
brighteon.social fash
buildthatwallandmakeamericagreatagain.trumpislovetrumpis.life It didn’t happen, though
busshi.moe channers
catgirl.life loli
cawfee.club channers, fash-adjacent libertarians
civiq.social gab
coffeehouse.institute follow bots
counter.fedi.live transphobia
dogeposting.social nazis
echoz.io fash
expired.mentality.rip loli
explosion.party fash, kiwifarms
fanontodon.zapto.org tankies
fedi.absturztau.be channers, loli
fedicy.allowed.org fash
freesoftwareextremist.com loli
freespeechextremist.com boomers, fash
freethinkers.lgbt truscum
gamers.exposed unfunny shitposters, gab friendly
gleasonator.com terf, gab associate
gleasonator.dev terf, gab associate
glindr.org lol
jaeger.website nazis
jojo.singleuser.club channer
kiwifarms.cc kiwifarms
lain.sh Boring
laviadililith.eu Porn with no CWs
lord.sh nazi
mastodon.ktachibana.party loli
mastodon.org.uk gammon
mastodon.rylees.net spammy Christian
mastodon.satoshishop.de MRA
mastodon.starrevolution.org sketchy
melmc.nohost.me boomer
monads.online Boring
m.searx.li boring
mthie.net boring, transphobia
my.dirtyhobby.xyz porn obsessives
nazrin.moe sketchy
neckbeard.xyz boring channers, fash
neenster.org terfs, gab affiliate
netzsphaere.xyz gab friendly
noagenda.social fash
noagendasocial.com fash
noc.social techbros, creepy
nova.community fash
nsfw.social creepy porn obsessives
outerheaven.club channers, loli
pao.moe gab
pawoo.net loli
paws.moe libertarians
pleasehug.me unmoderated
pleroma.hatthieves.es sketchy
pleroma.jeder.pl gab friendly
pleroma.site fash
pleroma.soykaf.com channers, loli
pl.glie.town channers
pl.lifeweb.cc transphobe
pl.neko.bar channers, racism
pl.skyn3t.in racist channer
pl.slash.cl fash
pl.smuglo.li channers, loli
pl.thj.no boring
qoto.org boomers, stalking and block evasion as a premium feature
quey.org boring archivers
rawr-xd.club MRAs
redliberal.com unmoderated
safe.millennial.space sketchy
scrapist.xyz boring wierdo
search.fedi.app follow bot
social.adamasnemesis.com libertarian, faintly creepy
social.byoblu.com fash, conspiracies
social.evilma.id boring
social.foxfam.club fash
social.handholding.io channers
social.homunyan.com channers
social.inex.rocks boring
social.jesuislibre.net fash
social.rjbastyr.com boomers
social.tinfoil-hat.net boring
socnet.supes.com Gab affiliate
spinster.xyz terfs, gab friendly
springbo.cc racists
stereophonic.space loli
sylveon.club boring
thighhigh.supply loli
toot.canberrasocial.net racist boomers
traboone.com channers
udongein.xyz channers, loli
veenus.art channers, incel vibe
verita84.com nazi
video.autizmo.xyz nazis
videos.lukesmith.xyz fash
wintermute.fr.to Nazi
wurm.host fash
www.canberrasocial.net freeze peach
yggdrasil.social channers, nazis