Christmas shopping 

@error_1202 Academic parents :-)

Christmas shopping 

Getting my mother “Brick Index” - “155 beautifully photographed bricks, printed at actual size, accompanied by an index that states the time, place and maker of each brick” - and “A Forager’s Guide to Natural Ink Making”.

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@roxie You’re a lovely person and I’m sorry you’re having a tough time right now

re: FOSS musings 

@Dee There’s a lot to unpack here but I think a short summary of might be that I think complexity is a barrier, choice isn’t inherently ethical, and most users aren’t able to roll their own thing.

re: FOSS musings 

@Dee (My working theory being that it’s partly hobbyists being unable to imagine not everyone enjoys their hobby and partly that status in the FOSS community depends on the opinion of FOSS developers.)

re: FOSS musings 

@Dee I’m not sure I agree. If capitalism can create the iPhone experience then a collective should be able to do the same... if the people involved wanted to. So it’s worth thinking about what in FOSS culture stops that from happening.

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@t54r4n1 A fair point.

re: FOSS musings 

@Dee I mean, this is a thing I say a lot because I work in IT and very much appreciate having a big fiddly Unix toolset for my job but also very much appreciate the way my iPhone lets me just get on with doing what I want to do when I’m not being paid to fight computers.

lake street, minneapolis 

@t54r4n1 And they didn’t, I notice.

FOSS musings 

@Dee But also, FOSS is an inward-looking community and so the software is designed for hobbyists who enjoy tinkering with complex systems.

@emmy They aren’t - but when people say dirty and unsafe they’re talking about the feeling of riding in them (or what they imagine it would be like to ride in them) and not anything about pollution or traffic accidents.

@emmy Right. It’s interesting to track the different attitudes here in London - busses are “dirty” and “unsafe” but not usually the Tube, which has much richer and whiter users.

@emmy That they carry poor people who often aren’t white, basically. It seems to be a bigger deal in the States, where there’s stigma around not having a car, but parts of the attitude carry over to the UK and to other places.

@leip4Ier I think “naked” implies that whatever’s uncovered should be covered according to the cultural rules in force. So fur or human hair counts as covering, but body hair usually doesn’t.

South Africa and India proposed a thing to waive IP rights for COVID vaccinations, which is a good thing, will make them more accessible. Here's a map of who supports it and who doesn't. So basically all the poor countries support it and all the rich countries don't support it. -.-

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