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A new angle from the local covid conspiracy obsessive. Antivaxx alarmism is an interesting change from straight-up conspiracy, but the sudden swerve into weirdness at the bottom keeps it in the same area.

(Other people had already had a go at taking it down but I keep a small blunt scraping tool on my key ring and was able to finish the job after taking the pic.)

Good morning. Chill mist today, but with sun breaking through. And this chilly-looking wood pigeon was already keeping a close watch on the empty ground feeder when I opened the kitchen blind.

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A good afternoon for a walk, so here’s a park selfie.

London fox, from tonight’s walk. A mature and experienced one - wary but not at all shy or nervous - trotting along the street with regular pauses to check the vibe.

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Lamb stew with quince, cinnamon, and grape molasses from a Turkish recipe. Not too many ingredients, but surprisingly elaborate to cook - the meat, onions, and quince all need to be caramelised separately in several stages before combining. The result was wonderfully aromatic though. The quince and cinnamon bring out the best in each other, and the molasses mellows the sharpness of the quince without cloying.

A soft grey Monday, and today’s draw is, uh, the Ten of Swords. The advice is to remember things will get better.

Yeah, you could say I live in a bad neighbourhood (movie poster, eye contact)

Just the usual music industry flyposting, but it made me smile:

Good morning. Today’s draw is the Seven of Wands, with a reminder to keep fighting and defend whatever gains we’ve made.

Also this, from whoever it is who’s been doing the “ditch the diesel” stickers. It’s local politics - small businesses and petrolheads have been pressuring the council to take out low-traffic streets and improved cycle lanes.

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Fly poster on the high street tonight.

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Good morning. Today’s draw is Justice, reminding me to act righteously and with deliberation. Which is another card that’s a bit heavy for a standard day at work, but still good advice.

food, cooking, meat 

...and the finished braise, with the cooking liquid reduced to a glaze. Time for a slightly early dinner. There’s a lot of minor variation in the recipes, but this is the one I used:

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food, cooking, meat 

Red-braised pork, the pieces browned and glazed with caramel, going on to simmer. It’s a day for comfort food, I think.

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Eel Brook Common and a couple of selfies. (I blinked, but I quite like the result.)

Good morning. An unremarkable day outside, but it’s Friday and today’s draw is the Fool, so let’s travel hopefully into the weekend.

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A fire is burning in Bird Spirit Land.