Today’s card is The Devil, lord of the world and the immaterial chains that bind us. It’s usual to talk about pleasure and addiction here, but that’s because we’re taught uncontrolled joy is dangerous. Perhaps it’s better to think of liberation: what joys could we experience if we were free? What keeps us from those joys? Sometimes it’s as simple as a change of perspective and a hand held out to another

@ghost_bird realllllly hope this card means my Tetris cartridge arrives today because let's face it, Tetris is the ultimate joy to behold

@ghost_bird do you write these descriptions yourself, or are you transferring from a guidebook? Because wow.

@grace Depends on my time and energy levels, but I usually start from a couple of guidebooks. This one’s mostly mine though - some days I feel a bit anarchist :anartrans_symbol:

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