Getting a lot of straight-up twitter crossposts boosted onto my timeline these days. I don’t approve - if I wanted twitter I’d be on twitter

@ghost_bird I have a mute for something like "RT @" which cleans up enough of them to make it manageable.

@eldang I’ve been muting individual accounts so I don’t end up mistaking them for fedi posters, but a filter might make more sense overall

@human_dude @ghost_bird It doesn't catch all of them, but that pattern seemed to be unique to automatic crossposters when I set it up. Which I think was at the time of the Elongated Muskrat-induced twitter influx.

@ghost_bird I agree!

I don't mind if they have some context
. "I liked this because..." Etc..

@ghost_bird Twitter? You mean that mastodon but in bad, where the owners collect your data and people get aggressive even when you agree with them?

@PurpleShadow That’s the one. Where I hung out from 2010 until it finally became unbearable sometime in 2015-16

@ghost_bird Saaaame. I've ended up unfollowing whole chunks of people because of how many Twitter retweets are in my face (including just seeing excessive 'Filtered' messages).

@ghost_bird yeah I still post on Twitter occasionally but I never crosspost to any of my accounts because that's so annoying
if it was like Instagram where you could check it on for a specific post, I might do it for things I wanna post both places
but usually when I see people crossposting from Twitter it's stuff that only makes sense there

@mergerg Even when it makes sense here I find it annoys me because I never know if I’m part of the conversation or not - like trying to decide if someone’s talking to you or just on their phone

@ghost_bird I think if I were to be able to crosspost specific posts I would only do it with like, original posts
and then there would be a conversation there and a conversation here and they would be totally separate

@ghost_bird (or, more realistically, there would be a conversation here and the Twitter algorithm would hide it there lol)

@ghost_bird when I decided to give Fedi another go, I saw someone say somewhere that cross-posting from here to Twitter was fine, but cross-posting from Twitter to here was uncool (unfortunately I can't find it). That really stuck with me!

Think about it ad an act of kindness toward those stilo locked into #Twitter. It may help them realize the #fediverse actually exists

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