“Male infants walk earlier, but do so after greater motor encouragement; female infants talk earlier, but are usually spoken to more. Men tend to outperform women on ‘mental rotation’ tasks, that is, when visualising the way an object would appear from a different vantage point. But the difference isn’t observed in young children and is more reliably correlated with time spent playing computer games: it’s less a question of neuroanatomy than of who has a Nintendo”

“A survey of a million people across 48 countries, published in 2015, indicated that women have significantly lower self-esteem than men. In trying to account for that striking finding, you can either choose to probe the brain’s self-evaluation centres and tell just-so stories about archaic humans, or you can take seriously the fact that every culture has ways of making women feel bad about themselves”

@ghost_bird we've encouraged our daughter to talk and climb, a lot…

and… now… she never stops…

@Byte @ghost_bird when i discovered my inner voice, i basically stopped talking out loud around my parents

i don't think my daughter is in any danger of that happening to her.

@meena @ghost_bird no, I’m just worried she’ll climb something and fall lol

@Byte @ghost_bird she needs to learn her limits, and get better

there's no other way to do that

@meena I had to coax one of mine down from the top of a climbing frame designed for 8-year-olds, at 2.

@irina i was trying to encourage mine to climb one of those… 🙈

took her almost a year until she was actually capable of climbing it

@ghost_bird it’s almost like there are no important differences between “male” and “female” brains, beyond what chemicals they produce during puberty.

Indirect boost for cw: child development, binary genders, raising kids +- 

@ghost_bird indirect boost for cw

@pascoda | EPVPN: 2529 sehr super der Artikel! Danke fürs teilen. Und vielleicht sollte ich ein LRB Abo kaufen, hm....

@ghost_bird I guess this makes sense to me, I had video games pushed on my because my older sister wanted to play them. Eventually they were bought for me and she could play them also. fast forward to today and I think about rotating and building objects like a computer game when I draw.

@ghost_bird my dad bought "me" an an nes in 1987. i was an infant lmao. but i grew up with video games and i definitely can rotate a damn object in my head

@ghost_bird fucking this. i got "into computers" because i grew up with access to them from childhood and i always did words good cause my mom read to me all the time. i can also rotate objects in my mind; i like to spin gender essentialists like propellers.

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