Long essay (in English) on the history of the Institute for Sexology in Weimar Berlin and the queer scenes surrounding it - and not at all hagiographical, which is especially interesting:

(CW: many mentions of suicide and four graphic images of art depicting hangings, as well as the expected surgery descriptions, discussion of homophobia & transphobia, and mention of Nazis)

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@ghost_bird still gutted the queer walking tour of Berlin we went on left out Hirschfeld's clinic. Instead the cis gay guy walked us through general non-queer Berlin history and showed us all a picture of Twisted Sister he'd printed off to explain gender nonconformity 🤨

@godtierchaoticgay @ghost_bird honestly the problem with walking tours of this city is that many of the cool places you'd actually want to see are uncomfortable having tourists nearby (for understandable reasons)

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