Long Twitter thread on ADHD and childhood trauma that’s pretty heavily relatable. CW if you ever had to negotiate others’ expectations while adhd:

(Via a Reddit link posted by @wonderland - this is a non-screenshot version)

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@ghost_bird @wonderland Thanks for sharing, I actually really needed to read something like that right now.

@ghost_bird Hmm. Hmmm. The tale of Shannon in this thread is literally my experience. I still have the school reports. And my therapist the other week sent a letter to my doctor recommending assessment. I should probably, do something about it.

@internethelen I think it’s worth it for the peace of mind/vindication of an official diagnosis, tbh. And if they can suggest meds that help then that’s a bonus

@ghost_bird it sure would explain a lot. And vindication *is* appealing haha, when I get around to registering with a doctor here I will try to pursue it

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