The community farm open day was interesting. They’re a social enterprise - so not the Revolution - and they use a lot of volunteer labour, but they do also offer paid training placements for people who want to learn the work. And they’re in a union

Farming methods are “agro-ecological” - not certified organic (yet) but free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Big on green manures and providing habitats for predators to manage the pest population


Some pics: poppies and tall rye growing as green manure; a hedgerow of hazel and wild rose; a pond, to encourage frogs to eat slugs in the adjacent polytunnels; and spring onions growing through a mat. Apparently one advantage of a may (along with water retention and suppressing weeds) is that it’s easy for volunteer planters to get the spacing right

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A few more pics: Rosa the tractor; a greenhouse of aubergines, with suspended strings for them to climb; seed trays in the greenhouse; and sprouting runner beans

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