Just realised I have to go down to Tooting to pick up the last part of my prescription - takes about an hour by tube :-(

Maybe I’ll look for a dress on the way back, though

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Got my prescription but the Northern Line’s a mess today. Better head home and regroup for now, I think


@ghost_bird Tooting, the birthplace of Mastodon!

@ghost_bird yeah I've heard of it, but like a lot of English place names it took a moment to click

@PetraOleum Sorry - mostly just an excuse to post those pics because they amuse me

@ghost_bird They're funny pics! You just me thinking about what did and did not make it to the colonies


@ghost_bird @PetraOleum ah yes, Tooting Arena, where you go and fight with or against other Mastodon users for fun and glory

and of course Tooting Market, where they always have the freshest, locally-sourced toots

@ghost_bird @PetraOleum I love these so much, they always make me smile. there's a scene in the TV show What We Do in the Shadows where Matt Berry's character mentions the Tooting Flasher lol

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