“Be more queer, be more goth/Tell the terfs to fuck right off”

Lots of speeches, all good, many powerful. Many anxious speakers getting support and encouragement from the crowd :blobcattransheart:

(“There you are, doing what you do, little ghosts, little birds, scratching away at something, trying to make room”)

@ghost_bird The brits really need to get better at making catchier, simpler chants.

@ghost_bird The ideal protest chant is instantly repeatable by someone with only a half-baked understanding of the language, german leftists are considerably better at this.

@n Trans protesters are the absolute worst at this - seems to be a tradition. Great outfits, lousy chants. Anarchists do much better

@ghost_bird What an awkward spot for the first part to finish! ^_^; Good speech, though.

Wonder who'll cover it all? Trans Pride was, IIRC, only reported on by the Independent - hopefully they'll continue their positivity.

@porsupah Probably only Pink News, I think, on past form. But every bit helps

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