“As Queer people we live inside of a society which is intent on killing us. The tension between Queer and normalcy began before any of our first screams, but it’s our autonomy in force that creates: Queer as an oppositional force to a world that wants us dead… through malice, negligence, spite, ignorance, integration, apathy”

“Brighton’s rainbow police cars will still arrest you for illegally distributing free HRT, for daring to challenge the normalcy that demands years of suffering and begging and compromise and sacrifice before finally the normalcy agrees to expand and exploit you all the same. Queer people are made an underclass by design.”

“To be Queer, to defy the normalcy, is to provoke reaction that will attempt to eliminate you. Sometimes you’re murdered in the street, sometimes you’re not allowed to adopt a child. Either way, they’re fucking terrified of you having your own family, legacy, community, for fear of the ideas and principles that may live on past your time.”

“Assimilation on the other hand, turns our own against us. Normalcy, on the occasion it allows us to live, will require our Queerness to be conditional and policed and tamed and palatable to the sensibilities of eliminationists. Fuck their conditions… Every rainbow product of a ravenous pop culture is a parasite that keeps Queer labour, Queer personhood and Queer bodies conditional and subservient.”

“We are offered state-supported, police escorted pride parades, as the state becomes the profiteers of our history, policing our public expressions and dismantling our radical notions of collective autonomy... The nominally-queer ruling class becomes as much of a force for normalcy as any other element of normalcy... Elections do not save us. Tolerance does not save us. Acceptance does not save us. Assimilation will not save us. It will surely, but slowly, eliminate us.”

@ghost_bird What confuses me is that people apparently believe, for whatever reason, that this was a queer-specific phenomenon rather than one that applies to every single form of social marginalisation in the book.

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