Next: Neptune Frost, a queer postcolonial aftofuturist musical showing in the London Film Festival. All the indications are positive but you can never be sure with festival films - keeping my fingers crossed…

…yeah. Very good and a lot of fun. Definitely queer and definitely anticapitalist. Not quite the cutting edge maybe, but more accessible for it

“I read sci-fi as a teenager and I was pissed off at the Western narratives I saw where the aliens come and start oppressing and colonising us. You’re just projecting.”


“The plantation came before industrialisation and the language of the plantation is embedded in the machine - we say, this part is the master and this is the slave.”

(Audience member asking how to bring the liminality of queerness into everyday life. To which the real answer is: queerness is liminality, and we bring it into everyday life by existing.)

@ghost_bird lol what does that even mean?

Seems like a pointless question.
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