frankly i think cis people should go get their gender markers changed to X en masse so we can just get rid of the field in 5 or 10 years


@tindall I know where you’re coming from but I don’t think I agree. Being gendered correctly really does matter and official docs have weight - granted that the long term goal is to abolish officialdom altogether

@ghost_bird totally! but I don't see why border guards need to gender you at all. passports specifically have basically zero reason to have that field.

@tindall @ghost_bird that makes the question how do you influence the UN/ICAO standards body that sets the information fields in a passport? (And which is where the X comes from, it's been in the global standard for a very long time, it's just that no passport issuing nation used it until recently) Maybe you could argue that the various biometrics introduced into passports makes the gender field superfluous?

@tindall I think that’s kind of a special case of “why do people have to gender you at all?” Which, for me, can veer a bit close to pretending gender isn’t important.

@tindall …and I think that’s why the thought of binary cis people adopting the X gender marker bothers me. It feels dismissive of the trouble non-binary people face getting their genders recognised at all

@ghost_bird yeah that's very fair. i definitely tend to be more on the side of things that i don't really want the state to know anything about me if i can avoid it (see, for instance, my ham radio license having a ridiculously old address attached) but i recognize that that's not true for everyone

@tindall @ghost_bird In my home country there is no gender marker on the id card (no passport needed inside the EU, so most people have that cheaper one instead of a passport)

But still cis people are like "oh but what gender does it say on your id card" all the time to trans and nonbinary people 🤦🙄🙃

@trisschen @tindall And that reminds me - management at the university where I work are being reluctant about making out IT systems more trans friendly. Foreign students with an X in their passports will be an excellent way to put pressure on them

@trisschen @tindall @ghost_bird fun fact: while citizens don't have a gender marker on their id cards, non-citizens have it on their residence permit cards(which are otherwise afaik almost identical to ids) 🙄

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