Abigail Thorn going full “Transgender Princess of TERF Island” at trans pride yesterday:

@ghost_bird She was pretty great, ne? ^_^ I'd love to find other speeches too, especially Munroe Bergdorf's - reading it on Pink News was stirring, but I'd enjoy actually /hearing/ it. ^_^

@porsupah Someone must have recorded it - I’ll keep an eye out. There were some good speeches by less well-known people too, but the PA system didn’t always do well by people who’d not had professional voice training.

@porsupah (It did become clear there needs to be some kind of booking system for quoting Sylvia Rivera’s pride speech, though.)

@ghost_bird Thanks! It does sound like they had a good roster of speakers - I saw WhatTheTrans talking about having recorded some, so I'll try to peek in on their birdsite feed in a day or two. Indeed, perhaps they'll fashion all they have into a Pride special?

@ghost_bird @porsupah The PA system also didn't do well for anyone who wasn't sat like right in front of it, my group gave up trying to listen to the speeches pretty early on. Thanks for posting, I had no idea who was speaking the entire time!! :heart_parrot:

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