Via tumblr, this clip of the maypole song from The Wicker Man which has strong vibes of my 1970s English village childhood:


We did maypole dancing in primary school - admittedly with a less imposing pole and no lyrics. There were/are a bunch of dances to make different patterns with the ribbons, though boys didn’t get to do the more fancy ones because sexism

Anyway, my point is Scarfolk is actually a documentary

@ghost_bird same here, I attendet an antroposophic Waldorf school for a while where we did this too. I don't think I knew what I was doing or why but it was fun.

@human_dude I think we did at least know it was a traditional English folk-thing - though not much else. Not that a Church of England school was going to get deep into paganism and the folklore revival, I guess

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