Just took a quick look at an unfiltered timeline and this is your regular reminder that blocking monads.online and their mates will enrich your life and the lives of those around you


In particular, they’re bullies who operate behind a cover of misrepresentation and plausible deniability. Their standard pattern is to pick a victim they can represent as somehow in the wrong, jab at them until they get a reaction, and then try to escalate it into a big public fight once the victim’s isolated. If it fails, they go back to shitposting and hope it gets lost in the noise


(Notice they’ve been jabbing away at this one for nearly a week to get a reaction they can use)

@ghost_bird Yup. This is exactly how I see them. And it's not just that the individual interactions are unpleasant, also that it degrades conversations overall because everyone's posturing and positioning.

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