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GRC applications to stay as fiddly and pointless as ever, but at least the fee is being substantially reduced:

And in a wider sense, this suggests the Equalities Office still wants change and are doing their best to work around Liz Truss



(I am reliably informed that all the Equalities Office staff hate Liz Truss, which does at least make it harder for her to do anything really bad.)

GRC, note for trans people in the U.K. 

There’s no concept of a “legal name” in the U.K. and you can change your driving license, NHS details, bank cards, and other ID without a Gender Recognition Certificate. Ditto passport, though you’ll need a letter from a doctor. All a GRC is supposed to do is replace your birth certificate for the very few circumstances it’s needed. Employers should never need to see a GRC, and if they ask you should make legal-sounding noises and/or talk to your union.

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