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GRC applications to stay as fiddly and pointless as ever, but at least the fee is being substantially reduced:

And in a wider sense, this suggests the Equalities Office still wants change and are doing their best to work around Liz Truss


(I am reliably informed that all the Equalities Office staff hate Liz Truss, which does at least make it harder for her to do anything really bad.)

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There’s no concept of a “legal name” in the U.K. and you can change your driving license, NHS details, bank cards, and other ID without a Gender Recognition Certificate. Ditto passport, though you’ll need a letter from a doctor. All a GRC is supposed to do is replace your birth certificate for the very few circumstances it’s needed. Employers should never need to see a GRC, and if they ask you should make legal-sounding noises and/or talk to your union.

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@ghost_bird welp, my partner applied and sent the £140 last month, I wonder if there will be a refund for people who've paid, applied and not had their GRC approved yet...

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@wolfie Yah. I wouldn’t make any plans on that, tbh :-/

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@ghost_bird Love how the headline boasts, in true Tory PR style, that the cost will be cut to under £10, without noting the (currently) required letters can easily cost a couple hundred - that fee is only a modest part of the actual cost.

Still, not a bad step, even if as tiny of one as is possible.

But as you note, that claim from the GEO *is* intriguing - maybe just governmental puffery, maybe something more /can/ be done within the existing framework.

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@porsupah As I’ve said before, I think the pressure for GRA reform has been coming from the civil service all along - and they do at least know how to be quietly persistent. And if they switch to online applications, I imagine they might quietly simplify the requirement for a tribunal too. I don’t know who sits in judgement but I imagine they’re not keen on increased workload

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@ghost_bird I remain of the opinion Yes, Minister and Y,PM ought to be on infinite reruns, the better to educate people as to how governments are /actually/ run - the UK's in particular, but so much of the nature of politicking is universal.

It may be but a nugget of consolation, but, who knows? As bound by Truss as they may be, the background activity suggests they're aware of the work that actually needs doing.

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@porsupah I used to get Home Office gossip from a friend of mine back in younger days, so I have a notion of how much strategising effort goes into influencing the laws that get passed. Although sometimes (I’m told) you spend days briefing a key Tory on gun control and then he goes home at the weekend and has a chat with his gamekeeper

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