You can just be a girl if you want, it’s okay.

(Many other options are available, but that was what I needed to hear back around 2014 so it’s what I’m putting up front.)


And in general - it’s okay to try new pronouns, or a new name, or different clothes, or hair, or other adjustments to your gender. You’re not appropriating or trespassing. It’s okay. And you don’t have to commit to any particular identity either - you can play around and try things, in private or in public, and find what makes you happy.

(Being a girl - well, okay, being a middle-aged woman - makes me happy. Even if it did take decades for me to figure it out.)

@ghost_bird do what makes you happy, not what you think will make other people happy

@raccoon A good point. I tend to forget that part because I never found much overlap between the two, historically.

@ghost_bird I apparently needed to be told I didn't need to be intensely a girl just because I was surrounded by intense lesbians

@raccoon It’s not always obvious when you’re figuring things out, even if you’re not used to mirroring people around you for safety. But I’m glad you got away and found some space for yourself.

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