“to achieve communism before anarchy, that is before having conquered complete political and economic liberty, would mean (as it has meant in Russia) stabilising the most hateful tyranny, to the point where people long for the bourgeois regime, and to return later (as will happen in Russia) to a capitalist system”
- Errico Malatesta, 1920


“An authoritarian party, which aims at capturing power to impose its ideas, has an interest in the people remaining an amorphous mass, unable to act for themselves and therefore always easily dominated... But we anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves.”
- ibid

@ghost_bird ah im not well read in this area but this is totally... exactly why i’m an anarchist, it’s put so perfectly between these two quotes. ty for posting it like that

@pan Thank you. I just started looking at the Freedom Press’ “What is Anarchism?” on the recommendation of @human_dude and there’s so much good stuff in there - but those were leapt out at me.

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