Being trans is really great, by the way. If you’ve found yourself thinking “if only it was that easy” or “but I could never do that” then maybe give it a try? It doesn’t have to be a big deal - it’s okay to try small things, and play around, and change your mind, and not tell anyone or be very selective in who you tell. It’s okay.

@ghost_bird Can confirm! For years, I put off my non-binary transition because saying I was "a gender-queer man" only to already-queer people was enough, but one day, I said "fuck it", went to a queer/kink/geek con in a femme presentation and a neutral name, and spent a weekend finding out what it felt like for people to know me as that. And it was like feeling a dream come true. So I knew it was real and I had to do something with it to be really happy.

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