“I created a free speech zone and it turned into a toxic stew of nazi propaganda” is shaping up to be the new “I presented as a woman online and got harassed and condescended to” as a discovery surprising only to white cis centrist men.

@ghost_bird I read this and was all "he let this go on for *how* long? And after he 'finished his experiment' he just handed it over to some members who were having a good time and didn't deep-six it?"

Some people

@PetraOleum Makes me think of the old days, when people would try to use “this has been a sociological experiment” as an excuse for failures of netiquette. I don’t think it ever worked.

@ghost_bird but who are the monsters that staid in for four years?

@jrss Same kind of people who become regulars on gab or spinster, I guess.

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