Old programmer wisdom:

"Fix someone's program, they're happy for a day. Teach someone to program and they're never happy again."


@socketwench Bold of them to assume fixing a program will make users happy.

@dredmorbius @ghost_bird @socketwench

This is emblematic of one of the main weaknesses in the design of MS Windows.

In the early 1990's, you started off from a MSDOS prompt, and had to manually start Windows 3.X.

Anytime that you had a problem caused by the internal services used by Windows 3.X, you could shut down Windows 3.X without having to restart the PC.

Roll on to Windows 95, and the designers removed that option for the users.

@BillySmith @dredmorbius @socketwench “Unix is an operating system, OS/2 is half an operating system, Windows is a shell, and DOS is a boot sector virus”, as we used to say

@ghost_bird I only remember "Linux is for working, Mac is for graphics, Windows is for Solitaire."

@BillySmith @dredmorbius @socketwench

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