BBC, transmisia, negative 

So, a couple weeks back, the BBC's LBGT+ support page quietly dropped three trans-specific helplines:

At the time, the reason was unknown even to the corporation's internal Pride Network.

Now, we hear the reason has been officially given - confirmation that they were 'dropped due to “audience complaints” relating to the “increasingly contested issues relating to trans issues and children”'.

Fuck that with a rusty chainsaw. Removal of those support lines gives clear support to those who *don't need those helplines*, and unambiguously aligned management against trans people. It's not coincidental that with the ramping up of TERFs in the press has come a sharp rise in harassment and violent attacks against trans people; either the BBC supports that, or they oppose it.

Their complaints page:


BBC, transmisia, negative 

Put in a complaint with the BBC about this ⬆️ - after all, if a few complaints are enough to get the links taken down then surely a few more will be enough to get them put back up again 🤔

BBC, transmisia, negative 

@ghost_bird Likewise. The charities involved seem commendably furious, so hopefully what some TERF in BBC management may’ve thought they could quietly sweep under the rug is going to prove anything but. The FOIA-ish request filed could prove illuminating, too.

“Increasingly contested” my fluffy hind.

BBC, transmisia, negative 

@porsupah Yeah, that’s a giveaway. Create a narrative of “controversy” and use it as a wedge.

BBC, transmisia, negative 

@ghost_bird Just so. I ought to've enquired if they'd abandon global warming resources if enough denialists shouted at them.. ugh.

"Oh, but we've given them links to the NHS' trans info!" Oooh, brilliant idea. It'll only take them a few years to get around to seeing those minors, by which time first puberty's liable to be largely done, unless the family's got the means and knowledge to hook up with GenderGP. (Still the only one that takes under-18s, ne?)

Really, that single word says *so* much. =:P

re: BBC, transmisia, negative 

@porsupah @ghost_bird The "stealth protests" of these anti-rights groups are so infuritating.

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