Work email says they’re revising their Trans Equality policy with help from the newly-formed Trans*Dignity student campaign and would like input from trans people. There’s the world’s least-specific Google form to fill in (“What advice do you have?” “Any comments or suggestions?”) and a chance to leave contact details if you want to be involved, which leaves me a bit cynical, tbh.

Makes me think of Sara Ahmed: "If you are not white, not male, not cis, not able-bodied, you are more likely to end up on diversity and equality committees. The more nots you have, the more committees you might end up on. Not being not can mean being less likely to end up doing this kind of work. Given that diversity work is typically less valued by organisations, then not being not can mean having more time to do more-valued work."

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@ghost_bird If only corpos knew that diversity and stuff is a communal effort, not one dude or girl or whoever being on committee and saying things.


@Deiru I think they understand it very well, on one level.

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@ghost_bird Yeah, which is why there's so much focus on said committees and who's on them.

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