Does anyone know of any bilingual English/Japanese instances, by the way? All the multilingual instances I know of are European.


Uncertain of my answer.
The large instance was my fediverse "home" before and I think a Japanese admin took over from the original one...perhaps check that.



The .cloud site grew too quickly for the original admin, I think. There were many growing pains, so it seemed prudent to move to a smaller community/server.

I have become very comfortable here, though it turns out that most of my connections are from all across the fediverse.

I cannot claim art as my main skill. My brain refuses to focus that well.

@ghost_bird it's not quite what you asked for, but definitely has some Japanese speakers.

That's the only remotely helpful thing I can think of.

@lapis Thank you! I’d forgotten about them - I’ll pass it on.

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