a note about the "non-CW'd food thing"

this was something i thought a lot about and made the decision based on the fact that CW'ing every food post on a food-based instance would be extremely detrimental to the user experience there

again, to other admins, feel free to silence the instance to avoid that content showing up on your instance's federated timeline!

everyone else: you can mute instances on your own! when viewing a user (for instance, me @mdszy) , you can mute the entire instance yourself

@mdszy @mdszy kith.kitchen made the same decision, interestingly. I dunno if I’m 100% on board - it still makes the federated timeline less safe for people with eating disorders or other food issues - but I guess I can follow the reasoning.


@mdszy @mdszy (Though on the other hand, I’ve never seen any of the porn instances make that argument about nsfw content, say.)

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