This place has a proper vaulted cellar under an inconspicuous trapdoor in the kitchen. Nothing exciting down there but it’s still cool.


Could have had a “Lincolnshire plum loaf” in a fancy packet, but this is better.

(Also makes me wonder about the Yakuza games as celebrations of samurai masculinity... and explains some of Frank Miller’s early obsessions.)

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People sometimes make threads like "captioning photos is easy and fun!" because everything has to be the absolute best or the absolute worst, but I enjoy it maybe 40% of the time and 60% of the time it's a tedious chore, but you do things like that anyway because we live in a society

Sitting outside by the back door, watching two hunting over the grass. Sometimes they come close enough that I can hear the flutter of their wings. (There may be a third smaller one too - perhaps a pipistrelle? - but it’s hard to be sure.)

...and arrived. Three nights in the country, self-catering, in what used to be the gatehouse of a small prison. With a moat.

Traveller Pride recently launched the Trans and Non-Binary Traveller Solidarity Fund:

Currently at South Mimms, by Bignells Corner.

Request for info from trans people in the US South 

So, I'm not exactly visibly trans and am not able to be fully out at the moment, but I hope to soon

But I'm not really sure what that will be like here?

And I'm wondering if other trans folks who have experience being visibly and/or vocally trans in the US South would be willing to share their experiences with me?

I'm just not sure what to expect as far as everyday life as an out trans person here

A Twitter thread about the difficulties that trans men and some non-binary people may face while trying to access gynae care.

(If you’re worrying... did you consciously choose your avatar because you knew it would be annoying? Are you a techbro with too many teeth? If your answer to both of these is no then you’re OK.)

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Blocking people for having annoying avatars is praxis, pass it on.

Heinlein again 

(If there’s a sense in which “product of his time” does apply it’s probably that growing up in the 1920s meant it never occurred to him that women’s agency could be a threat to men’s privilege.)

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"The proper role of an awards show host is to keep the audience entertained between awards and get the fuck out of the way of the people being honored. Martin did neither."

Heinlein again 

Heinlein was surprisingly racist for someone who opposed racism and surprisingly creepy for someone who respected women’s agency and believed strongly in consent. Medlesohn wants to do the “product of his time” thing but I think it’s more useful to look at him as a prototypical facts-and-logic bro, shaped by his time studying engineering at a naval academy. He works on rules and fucks up because he’s not capable of understanding others’ subjectivity.

food, cooking 

Felt like making borek so I made a quick expedition to the Turkish supermarket for filo sheets. Came out a bit thin and chewy, but tasty.

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A fire is burning in Bird Spirit Land.