Going to let them through, I think. Hi switter people! Sorry for being suspicious but there’s a lot of spam around right now.

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I’ve had three follow requests from switter today, and on the one hand they’re professional accounts with advertising in the bio but on the other hand they seem to be quite long-established with plenty of activity. From any other instance I’d just report them as spam, but switter always used to be OK so...?

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me before, but absolutely the strangest thing about C S Lewis’ “Abolition of Man” is his commitment to pretending not to know what a metaphor is.

Please deploy self-care liberally this weekend. ✨


@nihil I’d say it’s been there all along - though much less so than when I was a kid, thankfully - but I agree it’s a shame.

Does anyone know of any bilingual English/Japanese instances, by the way? All the multilingual instances I know of are European.

That having been said, CWs are courtesy and demanding courtesy is never a good look - least of all when it’s the privileged demanding courtesy of the oppressed.

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It would be really lovely if more people felt like putting CWs on the current ongoing apocalypse, tbh. The only people I see who aren’t hurting from it are enthusiastic white revolutionaries who don’t understand the stakes.


I sometimes see birdsite-like behaviors on here, notably piling on someone's mentions with nitpicking, one-upmanship comments. I see folks being drained by these tactics. I just wish more folks here would say, "This is something I'd do on the birdsite, maybe I shouldn't do it here."

mh (-) 

Not doing great today, between the various kinds of anxiety-inducing news, shaky finances and job cuts at work, and relationship stress.

ukpol, organised transphobic campaign 

Denbighshire council have also caved in to pressure from anti trans groups and withdrawn their guidance to schools for supporting young trans folks. They now join Shropshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

Transphobic groups are achieving this by the threat of legal action alone. Councils are backing down because they are not aware of their legal standing and don’t like the attention litigation will bring. This situation is developing into a trans focused version of section 28 enforced by threat alone, without the Tories even needing to get their hands dirty with a transphobic law. This should not be happening. These groups are nothing but bullies.

It’s removing support from young vulnerable trans people, who are the ones who suffer first, but not the only ones who will suffer from this organised and american-funded campaign to remove LGBT rights piece by piece.

Seeing a lot of white people in particular not putting CWs on their protest news and opinions, and I think y’all should be doing that.

BLM, death mention 

A Black transman was killed in Tallahassee yesterday. His name was Tony McDade.

I can't say anything else bc its all too heavy

But Blk Trans brothers & sisters are subjected to as much violence by the state but are largely left out of the convo. Blk transwomen in America are going thru a genocide practically and I notice where its discussed and where its not.

Transwomen in PR are being taken from us & we're hearing of it more and more. I just...

Video games: You finished the level! Video games will be harder and less fun from now on

Me: Wait fuck

(Though that card will always be “me waking up the next day with a room full of swords” to me first and foremost.)

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Good morning. It’s another lovely calm sunny day in London, I have strong coffee with cardamom, and today’s draw is a reminder that it’s OK to feel scared and overwhelmed sometimes. Remember to take time for self care if you need to.

selfie, eye contact 

Selfie on a breezy afternoon.

Also, (and I haven't worked this one out entirely) I feel like there's a shift toward certain "hard" kinds of metrics of productivity

"How many emails did you send on this subject?" / "How many git commits?" / "How many comments did you make on the thread in Teams?" etc

That don't capture the *actual* substance contributions, but rather a proxy for them

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🍍 Foist operating costs onto workers without compensation ("buy your own desk and office chair and ...")
🍍 In cases where work *does* provide something for your home office, it will come with strings attached ("here's a high speed internet connexion for conferences; your boss knows what websites you visit now")
🍍 Remove legitimate barriers between personal and professional ("I know it's late, but can you do this one thing?")
🍍 Justifies new, invasive technologies to police "worker productivity"

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Most office work is work-from-home now

It will be very easy to weaponize that against workers

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